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November 2023

Introduction of Ignition Status

In this latest update, tracking the movements of your assets just got easier! Now, within the Asset Insights Module, you can pinpoint moments when a vehicle remains stationary but with the engine running. Our latest addition introduces charting capabilities, enabling you to visually map instances when the asset has its ignition turned on. Stay informed and track asset behaviour with greater precision!

How to see what assets are in a place

We're excited to introduce an enhanced feature to our places module! With this update, effortlessly locating assets within your yard or workshop is now a seamless experience. Simply click on any designated area, and instantly access a comprehensive view of all assets present, along with their detailed information. Stay tuned for our upcoming update, which will empower you to track and report on all movements within the defined space

What control room am I in?

Keeping track of your current room can be challenging if you've received invitations to multiple control rooms. Starting today, this is no longer a concern – you can now easily identify the control room name displayed at the top left corner.

Fleet data processing

In our latest update, we've dedicated efforts to enhance the platform's ability to manage vehicle messages efficiently. This update significantly reduces delays in vehicle location, fuel usage, and performance data, aiming to achieve near real-time accuracy.

October 2023

How to submit an awesome support request

Please get in touch with our super friend support team when you need help or information regarding the Sky Ledge platform, additional information on how to submit an awesome support ticket can be found here:

Adding a driver's name to a vehicle

Adding a driver's name to a vehicle is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. 1. Find the vehicle, 2. edit the asset details and add or remove a driver's name and 3. submit the change. It is as easy as 1, 2 & 3

Filtering the "My Tasks" list

Finding that one task now is much easier with the all-new "My Task" filtering enhancements. Now you can filter on Task Type and/or the date it is due, no more scrolling is needed.

Jump to the next date

Within the Asset Insight module, you no longer have to go to the date picker to jump to either the previous or the next day, now to can you the arrows to easily navigate while you are investigating the asset

New Asset Attributes are available

The asset modal has become your first place to find information about your assets, it's now your single point of truth, no more folders and loose paper any more, we have your back covered.

September 2023

Open in Google Maps

Need directions to your asset, we have you covered, it's as easy as 2 clicks, find your asset in the table click the tools section and open your asset in Google Maps
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