What's New

May 2024

Ignition Status

You can now monitor the ignition status of your assets within Sky Ledge. Currently, it lets you know if a vehicle’s engine is on or off, marking the first step toward comprehensive movement tracking. Head to 'Asset List' mode to view the ignition status and other asset details all in one place.

Asset Lists “More options”

Introducing the eagerly awaited expansion of options in our new asset list view. Now, accessing features like 'Locate on Map' and 'Open in Asset Insights' is just a click away. Simply tap the ellipsis icon within the asset card for instant access.

April 2024

Control Rooms Revamped!

The Events, Assets, and Places modules are now unified inside your Control Rooms. This means you can switch between the modules seamlessly without interruption and without resetting your map! Head to a control room to see it in action.

Major fuel monitoring enhancements

We are delighted to unveil major enhancements to our fuel monitoring capabilities with an upgraded Fuel Alerts algorithm. The new feature accurately detects fuel loss incidents and refilling activities, while providing a robust confidence scoring system to streamline regulatory compliance processes. These fuel event data are seamlessly integrated across Sky Ledge's Asset, Control Room, and Insights modules, offering comprehensive visibility and actionable intelligence from a single platform. Fleet managers can now experience optimised operations through Sky Ledge's cutting-edge fuel monitoring solutions.

March 2024

LaunchPad Tiles

Introducing the initial phase of LaunchPad: Your go-to for real-time updates on your priority events. This foundational iteration prioritises what matters most to you and focuses you on the problems that need to be solved. Future iterations will incorporate metrics like cost savings, asset health, and actionable insights, making LaunchPad an indispensable tool for optimising your day-to-day business.

Asset List sorting

Building upon the recent introduction of the asset list feature, we're excited to announce further enhancements. Users can now conveniently sort their lists by asset or driver name, as well as fuel tank capacity or level. These additions aim to streamline navigation and improve usability, providing users with greater flexibility and efficiency in managing their assets.

Introducing two game-changing features based on your feedback!

🔍 Focus Mode: Sharpen Your View

With the new Focus Mode, you can now clear your screen to give you more space to view the map and focus on the information you need!

📊 Asset List Mode: Your Assets, Organised.

Unlock additional screen space without sacrificing the essential details by moving your assets into an organised list with Asset List Mode.

What's Coming Later:

🔍 Filter and Sort: Enhancing your user experience with further customisation.

🚦 Asset Movement Status: Keep an eye on your assets when the engine is off, idling, or moving

February 2024

Email Digest

Kickstart your Mondays with confidence – introducing the Sky Ledge Weekly Email Digest!

We're pleased to provide you with a quick but comprehensive overview of your asset's performance from the previous week, including asset utilisation, distance travelled, and speed analysis. Additionally, it highlights the top three best-performing assets and identifies those utilised the least. But that's not all – we’ll soon be incorporating even more metrics into the report. Simplifying how you stay informed is our goal and we’re confident our Weekly Email Digest will do just that. Keep an eye out for it in your inbox!

For more information, take a look at our Help Article

January 2024

Jumping between control rooms

Say Goodbye to Jumping Between Control Rooms

No more hassle switching control rooms - we've introduced a new seamless control room selection tool so you can be more productive. Now you can easily jump between control rooms right from any page, without having to go back to the Launch Pad each time. We've removed that friction so you can focus on what matters. With this new dropdown selector, you'll save time and effort as you move between control rooms in your busy day. We're excited to roll out this feature that makes traversing the Sky Ledge platform smoother and simplifies your busy day.

Top-down Investigations Module

We're thrilled to unveil our newest feature - the top-down investigations module. This revolutionary tool takes a big-picture approach to investigations, giving you an aerial view of all your data before drilling down into granular details. Whether you're conducting long-term tracking or analysing specific events, the investigations module connects seamlessly with our asset insights to provide a comprehensive overview in one convenient console. With this powerful new capability, you can now conduct investigations faster and more efficiently than ever before, whether you're tracking events or seeking comprehensive data spanning months, this module offers a centralised hub for all your information needs. We can't wait for you to experience the simplicity and power of our latest innovation!

Asset Table Refresh

We're excited to announce a major update to our asset table for improved daily usability!

The new asset table now includes:

  • A full table search function that lets you search across all cells, not just asset names. For example, search by location to see assets in a specific region.

  • Search returns appear conveniently organised in the asset type tabs, with a count of results per tab.

  • Tab sorting by asset number makes scanning and finding assets easier.

  • Responsive table layout ensures you always see the first and last columns, regardless of screen size.

With these enhancements, the asset table is now more powerful and user-friendly than ever before. Searching, sorting, and managing your assets just got a whole lot easier.

Experience the improvements for yourself today! This update makes everyday use of the asset table smooth and seamless. We can't wait for you to explore the new functionality. Let us know if you have any other questions!

December 2023

Places and movement reporting

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest enhancement to our platform—the refreshed Place Module! This update brings an exciting new feature: the ability to seamlessly visualise movement in and out of geo-referenced places. Get ready to experience a whole new dimension of tracking and monitoring with our enhanced Place Module. This enhancement empowers platform operators to meticulously monitor security events within a yard, track asset movements in a region, and oversee adherences with precision. For more information on how to use the movement report please click on the link

Stay tuned as the place module is going places in the future.

Map scaling

Within the next week or two, we're set to unveil an upgraded Places module. This enhancement will give operators the capability to track current occupants within a location, along with a comprehensive gatehouse report detailing all asset movements within that specified area. As part of this revamp, we've integrated a feature allowing users to visualise the map scale, enabling the real-life distance measurement between two points, whether they're 100 meters apart or separated by 5 kilometres.

If you like talking in the imperial system we haven’t forgotten you, you only need to click on the scale and it will switch between the 2 formats.

November 2023

Introduction of Ignition Status

In this latest update, tracking the movements of your assets just got easier! Now, within the Asset Insights Module, you can pinpoint moments when a vehicle remains stationary but with the engine running. Our latest addition introduces charting capabilities, enabling you to visually map instances when the asset has its ignition turned on. Stay informed and track asset behaviour with greater precision!

How to see what assets are in a place

We're excited to introduce an enhanced feature to our places module! With this update, effortlessly locating assets within your yard or workshop is now a seamless experience. Simply click on any designated area, and instantly access a comprehensive view of all assets present, along with their detailed information. Stay tuned for our upcoming update, which will empower you to track and report on all movements within the defined space

What control room am I in?

Keeping track of your current room can be challenging if you've received invitations to multiple control rooms. Starting today, this is no longer a concern – you can now easily identify the control room name displayed at the top left corner.

Fleet data processing

In our latest update, we've dedicated efforts to enhance the platform's ability to manage vehicle messages efficiently. This update significantly reduces delays in vehicle location, fuel usage, and performance data, aiming to achieve near real-time accuracy.

October 2023

How to submit an awesome support request

Please get in touch with our super friend support team when you need help or information regarding the Sky Ledge platform, additional information on how to submit an awesome support ticket can be found here:

Adding a driver's name to a vehicle

Adding a driver's name to a vehicle is as easy as 1, 2 & 3. 1. Find the vehicle, 2. edit the asset details and add or remove a driver's name and 3. submit the change. It is as easy as 1, 2 & 3

Filtering the "My Tasks" list

Finding that one task now is much easier with the all-new "My Task" filtering enhancements. Now you can filter on Task Type and/or the date it is due, no more scrolling is needed.

Jump to the next date

Within the Asset Insight module, you no longer have to go to the date picker to jump to either the previous or the next day, now to can you the arrows to easily navigate while you are investigating the asset

New Asset Attributes are available

The asset modal has become your first place to find information about your assets, it's now your single point of truth, no more folders and loose paper any more, we have your back covered.

September 2023

Open in Google Maps

Need directions to your asset, we have you covered, it's as easy as 2 clicks, find your asset in the table click the tools section and open your asset in Google Maps

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