Understanding Your Weekly Email Reports

What is the Overall Objective of the Weekly Email?

The primary goal of the weekly email digest is to provide recipients with a comprehensive overview of crucial operational metrics. These metrics include asset utilisation, distance travelled, and speed analysis. The email also highlights the top three best-performing assets alongside the ones utilised least. Additionally, concise summaries of significant event data are included, allowing for quick and easy comprehension with the option to delve deeper into specifics when needed.

Are There Different Types of Reports?

Absolutely! Currently, there are two distinct reports, each designed to cater to specific user roles:

1. Admin (Manager) Report

The manager report focuses on utilisation and usage insights. This allows recipients, especially managers, to quickly identify any outliers or areas that require attention.

2. Operator Report

Tailored for operators, this report is designed around events, summarising the previous week’s occurrences and highlighting anything that needs to be actioned. This ensures that operators can efficiently manage their tasks based on event-related insights.

Can I Opt Out of Receiving the Emails?

Currently, during the beta stage, the development of the notification centre hasn't started. However, we want to assure you that it's on our roadmap, and we are actively working on it. Once released, we will promptly update everyone, providing an option to opt out or customise your email preferences through the notification centre.

Stay tuned for updates and future enhancements!

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