Creating Your Account

Creating your Sky Ledge account

There are four ways to sign up:

  1. Join an existing organisation you belong to

  2. Create a new Sky Ledge organisation and account,

  3. Sign up with your Gmail or Microsoft account or,

  4. Using company SSO (Enterprise customers only).

In this guide we'll describe the first three approaches along with videos on how to create an account.

Joining an organisation

In most cases, users will want to join an organisation they belong to instead of creating a fresh organisation.

Joining an organisation is quite simple:

  1. Ask your workspace administrator to send you an invitation.

  2. Once you receive the email invitation, simply follow the instructions in the email.

Creating a new Sky Ledge organisation and account

To sign up for an account, simply:

  1. Choose Create a Sky Ledge Organisation

  2. Enter your first name, last name, email address and choose a password. Your email address will be your username

  3. Click Next and enter your organisation details.

  4. Click Get Started. You're done!

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