Control Rooms

Defining the Control Room and its functionality

A Fresh Control Room

You've signed in, seen the Launchpad and ready to start exploring Control Rooms.

Let's go ahead and create a brand new Control Room to see how it looks.


  1. Go your launchpad. You can learn more about launchpads here

  2. Create Control Room.

  3. Give it a name,

  4. Create Control Room.

And here's what you get, a brand new Control Room:

Let's dig in and see what's inside:

Header Navigation

  1. Name of your Control Room: Clicking this will take you back to your main screen.

  2. Sky Ledge Shortcuts: Shortcuts to go back to your Launchpad, Manage Users or Update Control Room settings.

  3. Profile: Access your profile information, update billing information or simply sign out.

Side Navigation

  1. Control Room: View your live event stream and take action.

  2. People & Assets: Explore assets linked to your Control Room.

  3. Places: Create and manage places and geofences relevant to this Control Room.

  4. Reports: Access reports about information in your Control Room.

  5. Invite Users: Invite others to the Control Room.

  6. Collapse Sidebar: Tuck the navigation panel to the side, you can always expand this navigation menu once it's been collapsed.

  7. Learn more: Learn about viewing and managing Control Rooms. This will bring you to this page.

Populated Control Rooms

Once events begin flowing into your Control Room, it will look something like this. Everything remains the same, but we've got a few extra capabilities:

The Event Stream

  1. An event: The simplest building block of a Control Room. Events contain information, insights and actions. At minimum, events have a signifiance level (the coloured dot) as well as a title and description.

  2. An expanded Event: You can expand an event by clicking it. This will provide additional information about an event as well as actions you can take.

  3. Event Actions: Actions let you respond to an event

  4. Collapse: Easily restore an expanded event to its simple view by clicking the collapse bar.

  5. Zoom Controls: Zoom in or out!

  6. View All: Sometimes you want to get a sense of where all events are. Simply click this button to fit all events on the map.

Great, you should now be comfortable navigating a Control Room. Time to look at Assets.

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