Places and how to use the gatehouse report

Overview: Typically a gatehouse report refers to a document or record that provides detailed information about the movement of assets or individuals in and out of a specific location, often monitored by a virtual geo-referenced gate or entry/exit point. The report includes data such as the time of entry and exit, identification details of the asset or individual (such as vehicle ID, driver details, etc.), and the purpose of entry or exit. Gatehouse reports are commonly used in industries like logistics, transportation, security, and facility management to track and manage the flow of assets or people in a controlled area.

How to use:

  1. Within the platform, navigate to the PLACES module via the left-hand draw. Once the module is opened you will see a list of places and a summary of the movements for each geo-referenced area.

  1. If you are interested or need to investigate the movements of an asset, click anywhere on the Place line item and the Gatehouse report will open on the right-hand side of the screen via a side draw.

  2. The gatehouse report is broken down into 2 sections, the top section provides information about the geo-referenced area and the bottom section shows the asset movement, each line of the report displays the asset that has been in the area and has:

    1. The time and date it entered the area

    2. The time and date when it left

    3. The duration in days, hours and minutes

  3. Clicking on the asset will automatically send you to the asset's current location and display the asset overview screen


A single asset may have multiple line items for example, if you are tracking location cards the card could be used multiple times in a day to come and leave a building in a single day.

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